The Good Beer Co. Solera

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Mixed culture solera-style ale aged in bourbon barrels for 131 days. We currently have a couple small solera-style projects in process. If you’re not familiar with a solera, it’s the result of removing a portion of beer from a barrel and topping it up with fresh beer or wort. The first beer pulled out of these barrels was aged 131 days in third hand bourbon barrels lending a light balance of wood and vanilla flavors to this dry, light, citrusy and crisp farmhouse ale. We refilled the barrels immediately, so the next release will be a blend of old and young(er) farmhouse ale. We expect Solera to change over time, with the average age of the beer growing older with each successive harvest - shifting away from the wood and vanilla flavors towards more funk and acidity. But, only time will tell...

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