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All questions regarding orders should be sent to orders@craftshack.com. Thank you so much!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):


  • You must be at least 21 years of age to order and a signature of someone at least 21 years of age is required upon delivery.
  • By the act of purchasing products from Craftshack the buyer authorizes and gives 100% consent to Craftshack to charge the buyer’s credit card.
  • The customer is solely responsible for the shipment of alcohol and is expected to know and abide by their local and state laws.
  • We maintain a $35 order minimum as of 2/20/14 which is enforced prior to clicking 'check out'.
  • By entering the site, you agree to our "Terms of Service"




For various logistical reasons, we cannot currently add items to existing orders or hold items for future orders.

All sales should be considered final with the following Exceptions:

  • If you have placed a new order that supercedes the first one. Please send a request to orders@craftshack.com at with the subject line: "Cancel Order #[your order #] - New Order #[your order #]"
  • Under this method, a charge of 3% of the total order cost will be applied 
  • Cancellations; A $25 reduction in your total refund amount applies for orders that are already fulfilled but haven't shipped. You will be charged double the shipping charge if the orders have been shipped and set to return to cover the shipping cost for both charges. Please send a request to orders@craftshack.com with the subject line: "Cancel Order #[your order #] - Accept Reduction"
  • You must cancel any order prior to fulfillment 


  • Shipping costs vary. For more info, please refer to this shipping guide.
  • By the act of purchasing products from Craftshack the buyer authorizes Craftshack to engage a common carrier on their behalf for shipment of product unless the buyer states otherwise. 
  • If you are getting an error message at checkout, it is likely because we do not support your location yet. 
  • It is strongly preferred that you provide a business address for delivery so someone can sign for the package. Packages will not be left without a signature and we will not ship to P.O. boxes. 
  • Any address change requests will need to be made promptly and there is a $15 charge associated with these requests. 


  • Beers in factory-sealed/closed boxes will likely need to be removed for shipping purposes.
  • Our ultimate goal is to ensure your items arrive in perfect condition. The bottle shops we work with use 100% recyclable pulp shippers and have been proven to be extremely dependable. In the event a package is returned by the carrier due to damage, we will process your replacement order. 
  • Damage related to the weather and climate during shipment is not the responsibility of Craftshack.

Any issues must be reported on the day of delivery. For damaged items, items sent in error, or missing items, please submit supported pictures of the outer packaging, shipping labels, packing slips and the contents of the package. All documents must be submitted to orders@craftshack.com. Shipping cost are not refundable, except for defected products or products sent in error. All sales are final.

If we have received an item that doesn't match the item description or if you are not satisfied with the condition of an item you received, you must include a photo of the sealed bottle in your email.Please send to orders@craftshack.com

We consider eligibility for a re-ship of an item or a partial refund on a case-by-case basis.