Rated 100 on RateBeer.com   Formerly known as Winter YuleSmith. For the winter season, YuleSmith is brewed as an Imperial Red IPA. This version is maltier, more balanced, and darker in color than the summer version. Although quite malty, big hop flavors and aromas are abundant making this an unforgettable winter warmer. Original Gravity 1.085, Alcohol by volume 9.5%


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Rated 100! on RateBeer.com. Ranked #2 IPA in the World! AleSmith IPA used to be known as "Irie Pirate Ale." However, some nasty patent attorneys think the name is too similar to another brand, so we had to "cease and desist." It's a darn shame, but it beats an obnoxious legal battle, in both expenses and Excedrin. Don't worry though,...


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Rated 100 on RateBeer.com Bottle conditioned.Speedway Stout is a HUGE Imperial Stout, with pounds and pounds of coffee added during conditioning for a little extra kick! This will definitely get you racing! It is available in 750 ml. champagne bottles. Appearance: Jet Black, with a toast-brown head. Flavor: Starts with a strong coffee and dark chocolate sensation, then fades to...

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