Weekly Digest - New Beers - Week of 3/20/17

Sun, Mar 26, 17, By Kumi D

New - The Rare Barrel Sourtooth Tiger '16  ADD TO CART        750ML BTL - $24.99      New - Cellador Firegold Blend 2  ADD TO CART    375ML BTL - $9.99   New - Cellador Quat Hands  ADD TO CART  375ML BTL - $9.99   New - Cellador In Principio  ADD TO CART     375ML BTL - $8.99      New - Noble Ale Works Nobility  ADD TO CART   22OZ BTL - $8.49   New - Boulevard Scotch on Scotch CHOOSE SIZE       4PK 12OZ BTL - $16.99          12OZ BTL - $4.49   New - P...

Staff Picks 3-22-17 - The Best Spring IPA Can

Wed, Mar 22, 17, By Kumi D

Fremont Lush IPA CHOOSE SIZE      12OZ CAN - $2.49       6PK 12OZ CAN - $11.99    

Staff Picks 3-16-17 - The Most Crushable Double IPA Can in SD

Thu, Mar 16, 17, By Kumi D

Please don't mind the glassware in the picture! One of the best double IPA cans in SD, Lupulin Lust Double IPA brewed by Rip Current Brewing - 2015 GABF Very Small Brewing Company and Brewer of the year!   Rip Current Lupulin Lust Double IPA CHOOSE SIZE              12OZ CAN - $2.49          6PK 12OZ CAN - $11.99              

A Socially Responsible Craft Microbrewery - The Good Beer Company

Tue, Mar 14, 17, By Kumi D

The company's mission statement  - Below quote is from http://thegoodbeercompany.blogspot.com   The Good Beer Company is a socially responsible craft microbrewery. Proceeds from the sales of beer will be used to finance local community development projects.The local pub traditionally provided sustenance, company and a community gathering place for businesspeople, friends and families to share their experiences. The Good Beer Company takes the social importance of the neighborhood pub to th...

Southern California Brewery with a Brazilian soul! - Novo Brazil Brewing Co

Sun, Mar 12, 17, By Kumi D

International Award Winning Brewery with fun accents, aromas, colors and unique flavors! NOVO Brazil Corvo Negro Imperial Stout  ADD TO CART                              22OZ BTL - $8.49                            Award Received: World Beer Cup 2016 Bronze  NOVO Brazil Barrel-Aged Quadrupel  ADD TO CART       22OZ BTL - $18.99        NOVO Brazil Barrel-Aged Corvo Negro Imperial Stout  ADD TO CART        22OZ BTL - $18.99         

Staff Picks 3-10-17

Fri, Mar 10, 17, By Kumi D

Modern Times Booming Rollers IPA CHOOSE SIZE          16OZ CAN - $3.49             4PK 16OZ CAN - $11.99       

Staff Picks 3-7-17

Tue, Mar 07, 17, By Kumi D

Mason Ale Works Cash | Imperial Coffee Stout | 9.4% ABV View | Select Size    6PK 12OZ CAN - $13.99           12OZ CAN - $2.49  

Never compromising quality for quantity - Eagle Rock Brewery

Mon, Mar 06, 17, By Julian Yakoo

The brewery opened in 2009. One of the oldest LA-based family-owned microbrewery. The Woodwork Projects is a series dedicated to making one of a kind barrel-aged beers. Below beer is sour blonde ale aged in oak barrels with raspberries. Batch #3.  Eagle Rock Woorwork Projects Cerveza Frambuesa  ADD TO CART       500ML BTL - $12.49        Click here to view all beers from Eagle Rock Brewery    

Weekly Digest - New Beers - Week of 2/27/17

Fri, Mar 03, 17, By Julian Yakoo

Star Trek Klingon Imperial Porter CHOOSE SIZE          4PK 12OZ BTL - $10.99    12OZ BTL - $2.99      Allagash Mattina Rossa  ADD TO CART 375ML BTL - $19.99                                 Limit 1                              Kern River River Buddy  ADD TO CART     22OZ BTL - $6.49                            Ballast Point Sea Rose CHOOSE SIZE      6PK 12OZ BTL - $12.49       12OZ BTL - $2.49    American Wheat Ale with Cherries & Pomegranate | 4% ABV Sierra Nevada Golden ...

Best New Brewery in the US for 2016 (by RateBeer) - American Solera

Thu, Mar 02, 17, By Julian Yakoo

American Solera is the brewery of Chase Healey - the brewmaster of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Prairie Artisan Ales. The focus is on wild and sour ales aged in oak barrels and foeders. American Solera Money Blend Batch 2  ADD TO CART                              750ML BTL - $14.49                            Limit 1 American Solera Old Dishoom  ADD TO CART   375ML BTL - $14.49     

LA Brewery SOUR ONLY! - Cellador Ales

Tue, Feb 28, 17, By Julian Yakoo

 A 100% Barrel Fermented Brewery that specializes in sour, wild, and mixed fermentation beers. Their brews usually hit 4.1 and above on Untappd.  Explore the selections of their 100% oak barrel-fermented sours on CraftShack!

Barrel-Aged Rare Beers from Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment

Fri, Jan 06, 17, By Julian Yakoo

Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment is a microbrewery located in the historic Mission Brewing plaza near downtown San Diego, CA.    Availability: 12 bottles | Limit 1    Acoustic Ales Unplugged Beam Barrel-Aged Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 22OZ BTL: $22.49   Acoustic Ales Unplugged Turkey Barrel-Aged Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 22OZ BTL: $22.49


Tue, Jan 03, 17, By Julian Yakoo

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here are the latest SD local breweries that are available through CraftShack! Rip Current Brewing located in San Marcos, CA   Mason Ale Works located in Oceanside, CA

CraftShack Delivers Craft Ciders!

Sun, Oct 09, 16, By Julian Yakoo

For more info about Craft Ciders, follow our friend Brian Trout at SD Craft Cider & Half Pint Ciders

Grimm Telekinesis Tuesday New & Back-in-stock

Thu, Aug 18, 16, By Julian Yakoo

TUESDAY BEER BLAST!LIMITED BEERS (sorry we don't get many of these)Noble Ale Works Tongue TicklesGrimm Future Perfect Berliner WeisseThe Lost Abbey Framboise de Amorosa - 9 LEFT!Grimm Vacay - 4 LEFT!Grimm Super Spruce - 1 LEFT!Grimm TelekinesisAUGUST 2016 BEER OF THE MONTHElysian Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale 6PK - $12.49 to $9.99      NEW BEERS BELOW  Click the big links below to check out our new daily collection pages!   Tuesday New Arrivals & Back In-Stock       Bootlegger'...