Witkap Pater Stimulo Abbey Tripel

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A delightful 7.5% ABV version of an abbey tripel. The classic slightly tart Witkap character, with hints of banana and clove, mix with a silky body to create a delicious "lemon chiffon" quality. A full drinking experience with sugar and high alcohol of most Tripels. Whole flower hops only.


"Witkap Tripel is a fruity, honeyish, winey, and more assertive beer (6w; 7.6v). These beers were inherited from the long gone brewery of Brasschaat, in the province of Antwerp, and I believe, this was the first golden Tripel, before the style was taken up by Westmalle."

- Michael Jackson,
The Great Beers of Belgium

"4 stars - a classic of its kind."

- Tim Webb,
The Good Beer Guide to Belgium

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