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Ridgeway Very Bad Elf

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"Pour is very pale, dull orange; full clarity. White head retains pretty well while leaving bits of lace.

Lots of herbal/earthy hops with some light grapefruit perhaps. Toffee malts and buttered bread. Decent overall. Definitely English stuff goin' on.

Taste is similar, a bit hoppier maybe, surprisingly so for its non-IPA categorization. Mostly herbal and leafy flavors and light fruitiness there along with a tea-like presence. Bread, diacetyl, toffee-like sweetness and grains provide a big malty finish. Seems to be some minor off-flavors in there.

Smooth mouthfeel with light bitterness and lower-end carbonation. Just a bit of booze there.

A decent English pale, it's big on the herbal hops and buttery malts which is always kind of an 'eh' flavor combo for me, but really not a bad beer."

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