Oskar Blues Bayside Black IPA & Bayside "Vacancy" Album Bundle

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Oskar Blues + Bayside Collaborate on New Bayside Black IPA! 

“The challenges of creating a Black IPA is that when creating a recipe one has to be very careful to balance the hop bitterness and malt bitterness. Dark malts can have astringent characteristics to them so the key is to really achieve a clean hop bitterness to compliment the potential malt bitterness.
Also, another important aspect of Black IPA's is to layer a variety of crystal malts and dark malts so that the malt character in the beer has lots of depth and complexity.” - Juice Drapeau, Head Brewer at Oskar Blues Brewery Lyons


 ATTENTION PLEASE!: Each bundle contains one "Vacancy" album. Orders with this beer will arrive on or around 8/19/2016. 


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