Logsdon Mount Hood Magic
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Logsdon Mount Hood Magic

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Lambic - Kriek | 7.5% ABV

Commercial Description:

Brewed in collaboration with former Logsdon brewer Charlie Van Meter (then of Allegory Brewing). Charlie came up to our old farmhouse brewery in Hood River, and together we brewed a simple wort of Pilsner malt, spelt, raw wheat, and oats, boiling it at length with aged Goldings hops and inoculating it in our coolship overnight. The beer then spent 1.5 years maturing in French Oak casks, before aging with 200 lbs of tart Jubileum cherries from Hood River for an additional 10 months. The beer was then blended with mature saison using our house blend of saison yeast strains to bring some depth and house character to the beer.

Tart cherries and funky/earthy brettanomyces dominate the aroma, displaying the terroir from which the microbes and fruit came from. The saison blended in compliment the flavors of ripe cherries, with medium acidity, and the familiar profile of our house saison strains. Overall, a very sippable wild ale.

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