Green Jack Rippa English Triple Ale

Green Jack Rippa English Triple Ale
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Named Supreme Champion Winter Beer of the UK by CAMRA in 2007, this is an amber ale redolent of peach and grape with an herbal, tropical bittersweet taste and a fruity bitter finish. Rippa is brewed with pale ale malt, caramalt, maize, wheat, and sugar. UK Challenger hops lend a black pepper spice aroma, and Slovenian Celeia hops add bitterness.

For a full-on paean of praise, listen to the review from The Ormskirk Baron, who rates it 5/5. It's as if a Belgian Tripel went on holiday to the Suffolk seacoast. We are proud and excited to bring you this balanced, beautiful strong ale.

Serve with fish and chips, mussels, pickled herring, kidney pie, fish stew.

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