Gigantic / Half Acre Grimalkin Amorphotron Hoppy Imperial Stout

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In a dark corner of the Uniplex there’s lies a region where disparate forces fold into and quarrel with one another; A place where energies blend into a deformity of unknown quantity... Gigantic and Half Acre Present A Ginormous and Big Hugs Saga: GRIMALKIN AMORPHOTRON A melded, single skinned war creature, half Mecha, half Kaiju, that lives to walk the dark lands. We offer you its liquid rite: Some parts imperial stout, some features Double IPA. A black beer north of the 10% ABV equatorial dividing line. Munich, Pale and Roasted Malts mix with Naked Oats to embolden its torso. Crystal, Mosaic and Simcoe hops empower its limbs. A warrior’s brewhouse schedule paves the way for a time honored cellar regime. A secondary layer of dry hops combs its coat to realize its exterior sheen. Its yours now. Tame its wild nature and live within its power.

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