Dupont Foret Blanche Organic Saison

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Another great beer from the endlessly inventive Dupont. We are so happy to have a wheat beer in our portfolio again. Foret Blanche is a foggy golden honeycomb color. Compared to standard Witbiers, the taste concentrates more on the yeasty bread- like flavors versus the lightly sour fruity tastes. You'll pick up the signature Dupont slightly funky yeast signature. But, the funk is accompanied by a butterscotch aroma, laced with orange, coriander, white pepper, lavender, hibiscus, hop tartness and wheat. If you love Saisons and Wit beers this is going to be a wonderful discovery. Highly quaffable.


Easy drinkability combined with loads of flavor make Foret Blanche a sensational refresher. Lovely with delicate seafood dishes —perch and fish stews, mussels, oysters, shrimp, crab cakes & lobster rolls. Bring it along for Pho and spicy Thai dishes. We love Foret Blanche with pizza.

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