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Cellador Restik Blend 2

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Blend 2 with Motueka & Idaho 7 Hops

Fermented and aged in oak barrels with our house culture of saison yeasts, brettanomyces' and lactic acid producing bacteria. This is our second batch/blend of this beer. This version is a little higher in alcohol than blend 1, mostly because it is drier. This beer is all about the balance of bitter and tart. It's very drinkable and almost tastes like an IPA. The multiple brettanomyces strains in our mixed culture take the flavors from the hops and not only preserve them, but evolve them into new and iterating flavors on a daily basis. I'd recommend opening bottles periodically over the course of a year or so to see how the flavors evolve. I anticipate this beer will taste great for a few years to come, but will peak in 4-8 months. This is a distinct batch of beer from the first blend (unlike the ++good series). But it's still the same recipe and process, so it would also be fun to taste it next to batch 1.  Cheers!

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