Cellador Ales / Hop Culture The Carrot King Glassware Only

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Read the story of this collab:

Who knew that Kevin Osborne, founder of Cellador, and Kenny Gould, founder of Hop Culture, would become great friends? The two met at a Hop Culture craft beer festival in Tucson, Arizona, and quickly discovered everything they had in common. They both love music. And sour beer. And both their names begin with the letter K.

Okay, maybe they don’t have that much in common. But the Carrot King was born from their friendship, and a delicious melding of pilsner malt, unmalted wheat, aged hops, and Nantes carrots from the Weiser Family Farms. Brewed by Cellador and illustrated by Sam Taylor, the London-based artist who designs all of Hop Culture’s merch, the beer is tart, effervescent, and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Now offered as a limited-edition set with two beers and a custom glass (or two glasses and a beer), it makes an awesome gift for any craft beer lover, or just a tasty treat to enjoy with friends.100 years Cellador and Hop Culture!

Description of the beer:

Lambic - Fruit (6% ABV) - Lambic inspired sour bottle conditioned with carrot juice from Weisser Farms.

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