Castelain Blonde Biere de Garde

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Castelain is the classic example of the rare Blonde Biج¬re de Garde style, and is the biggest seller from the brewery. Castelain has a sweet palate and a great deal of finesse. It is sweet, slightly bitter, grassy and herbal — made with four types of hops. Castelain is conditioned a minimum of 6 to 10 weeks to develop aroma and flavor.

Castelain was recently profiled in All About Beer's article on the Biere de Garde style. "Brewed in Benifontaine in Northeast France, Castelain's Blond Biere de Garde is an unassuming, mellow and fully refined modern version of the style. Bright, clear gold, the pure white head rises swiftly and stays aloft for minutes, leaving lacy trails. The aroma is a potent, earthy floral rush, with some grassy notes, husky grain and a wisp of grape. The mouthfeel is soft and fluffy and not too thin. The flavor is a cross between pilsner and Belgian golden strong ale, with plenty of herbal bitterness, a hint of yeasty footprint, light honey and white wine. Tidy and Unique."

- K. Florian Kemp, Stylistically Speaking- All About Beer Jan '12


Pair with classic dishes of Picardie, French Flanders and Artois, and the dishes of Champagne and the French Ardennes: endives au gratin, eild duck with pommes reinettes, anguilles (eel) au vert, terrine of fish, salsify salad, boudin blanc, omelettes, goat cheeses, with kidney, stuffed mushrooms, rumpsteak braised in beer, classic carbonnade, eggs poached in ale, rustic country pates of all sorts. This beer has never met gastro-pub fare it hasn't liked.

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