Bottle Logic / Toppling Goliath The Fall of Umibōzu
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Bottle Logic / Toppling Goliath The Fall of Umibōzu

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Stout - Imperial / Double Coffee | 13.37% ABV

Commercial Description:

Oceans roar in furious tempest, whipped from calm seas without warning. A ghostly creature of unimaginable size rises from the deep...

The Fall of Umibōzu is a monstrous Double Mash Imperial Stout brewed to an exceptionally high gravity and aged in bourbon barrels for eighteen months. This coffee-soaked liquid stains the hull of the glass with leggy 13.37% ABV tentacles.

We've partnered with Mostra Coffee to source and roast an exclusive batch of Panama Geisha, the most precious beans in the world, to use as the singular finishing ingredient on this devastatingly viscous base.

Panama Geisha beans are utterly devoid of bitterness. The varietal’s floral aromatics and delicate flavor notes of honeysuckle, bergamot, peach, and red fruit crest and crash throughout the brew, swirling across the palate with a robust, roasty finish.

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