Bottle Logic Continuous Ignition Imperial Stout
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Bottle Logic Continuous Ignition Imperial Stout

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Stout - Imperial / Double Coffee | 12% ABV

Commercial Description:

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee Caramel Rye Imperial Stout • 12% ABV • Continuous Ignition is utilized in turbojet engines to ensure they don't stall or flame out during takeoff, landing, turbulence, or bad weather. Really, all the same, things a continuous coffee drip does for us humans.

An exercise in blending, this beer combines double and single mash Rye Imperial Stout recipes aged in a medley of Four Roses, Heaven Hill, Bernheim, Henry McKenna, and Old Fitzgerald barrels for a rich and robust complexity.

Similarly, our Cellarman Jasper Gallardo worked with the Mostra team to develop a toffee-toned blend of their Vietnam Lotus and Guatemala Santa Rosa beans to steep in the finished liquid, imbuing it with decadent flavors of dark chocolate, butterscotch, and honey-roasted almonds. The release was ultimately finished with swirls of silky sweet caramel, for a brilliant brûléed sugar sweetness that perfectly complements the coffee character.

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