Barley Forge One Louder Double IPA

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Description: One Louder® isBarley Forge’s double IPA and, like all beers of that style, is an homage to the hop. If we need to tell you what the name means, then your life is incomplete because you haven’t watched This Is Spinal Tap yet. Our take on a DIPA showcases Chinook and Nelson Sauvin hops. The Nelson contributes a white-wine like fruitiness to flavor and aroma (akin to Sauvignon Blanc, hence the name), while the Chinook contributes pine and grapefruit notes. One Louder clocks in at 8.2% abv, in the mid- to mid-low range for the style, although it packs plenty of punch. The beer’s hops are balanced out by a well rounded malt backbone and finishes fruity, and pairs well with any type of saucy barbeque or dry rubbed, grilled meats and enhances the salty and umami flavors in cured foods as well.

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