Around the World Beer Variety Pack

Around the World Beer Variety Pack

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The variety pack contains: 


(1) Carakale / AZ Wilderness Dead Sea-rious Gose

Sour: (Imported from Jordan) Gose Collaboration between Carakale and Arizona Wilderness, this tasty blend of Dead Sea salt, coriander, and grapefruit from the Jordan river valley creates a delicious tart gose for the adventurous drinking soul.  5% ABV

(1) Pohjala / Collective Arts Tuk Tuk Drama 

Milkshake IPA: (Imported from Estonia) Collective Arts collab - a milkshake IPA with mango and blood oranges 5.3% ABV 

(1) To Ol Marmelade

Fruit Beer: (Imported from Denmark) Beer U lady MARMELAAAAADE.

Marmelade is a deep rich berry beer brewed with a traditional Danish Skovbær (forest berry). It’s also made with Strawberries, Blackcurrant and Raspberries, and it’s refermented with our very special To Øl Instant Crush Brett, which has been cultivated from a pear tree at Tore’s family’s farm.

Fermented with a low attenuation ale yeast, that usually is used for soft stouts but adds subtle roasted notes that blend nicely with the berry overdose! It leaves a high residual sugar to carry the acidity coming partly from the berries and partly from the Brettanomyces. Just before bottling, we have dosed the beer with a generous amount of vanilla beans to make a real marmelade touch. 6.8% ABV 

(1) Omnipollo Bianca Peanut Butter Jelly Lassi Gose

Gose Fruited Sour: (Imported from Sweden) Peanut butter jelly lassi gose ale brewed with peanut butter, lactose sugar, and strawberry raspberry jam. 6% ABV

(1) Pasteur Cyclo Imperial Chocolate Stout

American Imperial / Double Stout: (Imported from Vietnam) -  Gold Medal Winner, World Beer Cup 2016 - Rare beer from Vietnam. This full-bodied Imperial Chocolate Stout is lovingly produced in small batches and hand-labelled. This robust beer has a velvety texture and deeply rich aroma., thanks to the addition of award-winning Marou Chocolate cacao pods, cinnamon and vanilla. The selected cacao nibs from Marou that go into our Cyclo Stout have a distinctly complex profile  reflecting the Mekong Delta terroir where they were harvested.13% ABV 

(1) Mikkeller SpontanLingonBerry 2018

Fruit Lambic: (Imported from Denmark) Sour ale brewed with lingonberries and aged in oak barrels. 7.7% ABV

(1) Victory Art Brew Ivan

Russian Imperial Stout: (Imported from Russia) Ivan is an unusual beer brewed in the style of "Russian Imperial Stout". This is a very strong, powerful and dark top-fermented beer, which was once very popular in Tsarist Russia. The beer was made by English brewers specifically for the royal court of Catherine the Great. Hence the words "Russian" and "imperial". This beer has a high initial density and high alcohol content, is heavily hopped, and contains a fair amount of dark malts. All this creates a complex drink, which only improves with aging. Imperial stouts some time ago almost went out of production all over the world, but in recent decades there has been an unprecedented boom of this truly royal drink. Their version of imperial stout, besides a hefty dose of dark malts, contains many special malts - whiskey malt (six-row barley smoked on peat), peat brewing malt and Belgian brown malt. This adds intriguing notes to the thick, dense taste and coffee aroma. It goes well with chocolate desserts, as well as dishes cooked on charcoal. 13% ABV


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