To Øl located in København N, Denmark.


Stout - Imperial Milk / Sweet | 14% ABV Commercial Description: Imperial Milk Stout Brewed w/ Caviar & Champagne Yeast

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Commercial Description:  Barrel aged on Chardonnay Barrels. Black Maria is an American inspired Black IPA. It is black as an stout and hoppy as an IPA. The beer has been brewed with a good amount of highly roasted Carafa Malts, but with a relatively low amount of caramel and chocolate malts. This way we get the burned bitter and delicate...

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Stout - Imperial Milk / Sweet | 15% ABV Commercial Description: In Denmark we are very fond of Christmas beers. In fact, most of December goes with drinking Christmas beers while chewing on fat duck, pork roast, red cabbage and herrings left in vinegar for months.Jule Mælk. Our so far strongest beer, bumped up to 15% ABV and loaded and loaded...


Spiced / Herbed Beer | 5.5% ABV Commercial Description: Hazy Belgian White Ale with Christmas spices.

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