Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. Figueroa Mountain Brewing has focused on producing top tier beers from day one. A father son team with a passion for beer.


Barleywine | 14% ABV Commercial Description:  Barrel-aged in apple-pear brandy, grape brandy & whiskey barrels, our 6th Anniversary Grand Cru ale celebrates the moment when everything comes together. Like a perfect celebration, the flavors in this beer meld effortlessly for an experience you'll never forget. Notes of marshmallow, vanilla, whiskey, almonds, honey, pears, figs and gentle toasted oak hold their...

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Commercial Description:  This Golden Mocha Ale appears mild and meek but behind its gold color is a sexy, complex brew. As this beer approaches your lips, aromas of coffee beans take over your senses, luring you in.  Light, earthy hop profiles make way for rich flavors from the hand roasted coffee and cacao nibs sourced locally in Santa Barbara, California.  Zero to Sexy...