Rye Beer | 14% ABV Commercial Description: Bourbon barrel aged rye-wine style ale

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*This is the 2014 version, image is for 2013 bottle* Xyauyù is a living, top-fermented beer which – after being exposed to the air of the Langhe area and resting for a long period of time – becomes a new and unique product. When poured, it has no head and no gas; it has a clear, full amber, brownish color...

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Barleywine - American | 10.2% ABV Rated 100 on RateBeer.com. Top 50 World-Ranked Barley Wine.


COMMERCIAL DESCRIPTION There’s plenty of fruit like orange, tangerine and sweet apples. It’s powerful and full bodied but still easy going. Although the name would suggest otherwise, it’s our favourite amongst the female clientele yet also highly appreciated by the other sex. Well hopped as always, but the obvious alcohol and the massive malt and fruit character restrict the hops...

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Barleywine - Other | 13% ABV Commercial Description: Belgian-style barleywine aged in High West bourbon oak barrels. The Alaskana term “Termination Dust” means a light, high altitude snowfall that indicates the end of summer. By mid- to late September, Anchorage folks look to the east at the Chugach Mountain range for Termination Dust. Head Brewer (and Alyeska Ski Patrolman) Lee Ellis...

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