A SUPER-DRY, NATURALLY SPARKLING CIDER.  Put some color in your glass, and make a toast to SoCal. This is a truly regional ci- der, unique to the southwest. We crafted this cider with indigenous California cac- tus pears, which can be seen growing wild along the 101 highway! Complimenting the rich fruity character is a spicy herbal blast, the result...

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BOURBON AGED WILD QUINCE CIDER   Quince. Cider. Bourbon. Three of the most sought after treats in pre-prohibition America. This farmhouse cider pays homage to the Stone Fence, the original American cocktail. A drink that celebrates the simple and honest purity of a glass of cider, and touches it with a hint of savagery. Approachable, yet unforgiving when underestimated. Wild...

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