Brown Ale - English | 5% ABV Commercial Description:   Nut Brown Ale has been through several incarnations since its inception. Co-founders Ted and Skip first brewed the beer as a mild ale (lower-strength brown ale) to represent Q.U.A.F.F. (a local homebrew club) at the Southern California Homebrewers' Festival in 1995. The beer was popular and well-liked so we adjusted...


IPA - American | 6.9% ABV Commercial Description:  Aggressively hop forward nose lending waves of citrus, resin, and tropical fruits. Medium bodied from oats and unmalted wheat with a hop heavy finish of fresh squeezed orange juice and hints of grapefruit.

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Whiskey - Rye | 46% ABV Commercial Description:  Our 95% rye mash aged in select barrels for 12 years delivers a bold, rich taste.

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