Stout - Imperial Milk / Sweet | 11% ABV Commercial Description: Sea Salt, Chocolate & Vanilla Imperial Stout

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Witbier | 5.4% ABV - Formerly known As Alaskan Belgian Wit Commercial Description: Brewed with coriander, bitter orange peel and malted wheat, Alaskan White Ale has a light and crisp body pleasant tartness followed by slightly spicy aftertaste. The malted wheat gives the beer a more full and lightly malty mouthfeel. There is an aroma and flavor of wheat and coriander, with...


Stout - American Imperial / Double | 10% ABV Commercial Description:  Imperial stout brewed with walnuts and dark Belgian candi sugar.  

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Stout - Imperial Milk / Sweet | 15% ABV Commercial Description: In Denmark we are very fond of Christmas beers. In fact, most of December goes with drinking Christmas beers while chewing on fat duck, pork roast, red cabbage and herrings left in vinegar for months.Jule Mælk. Our so far strongest beer, bumped up to 15% ABV and loaded and loaded...