Cantillon Rare Beer Gift Box Set
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Cantillon Rare Beer Gift Box Set

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The variety pack contains: 

(1) Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella

Lambic Style - Fruit | 5% ABV 

Bottled: 13 October 2016

Commercial Description:

Vintage lambic. All the beers are from the same brewing season and mature in barrels for three years.

Beer with a highly complex structure that has a wine-like and somewhat oxidised taste, the slightly acidic structures mingling with more mellow aspects. Powerful yet elegant, Bruocsella can be considered the missing link between the worlds of wine and beer. Since there is no secondary fermentation in the bottle Bruocsella is a flat, non-sparkling beer.

(1) Cantillon Fou Foune

Vintage Year: 2020 Bottled Aug. 5 2020

Lambic - Fruit | 5% ABV 

Commercial Description:

Blend of lambics aged 18 to 20 months and of Bergeron apricots.

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(1) Cantillon Vigneronne 2014

Bottled: 29 Oct 2014 

Lambic - Fruit | 5% ABV

Commercial Description:

The name Vigneronne Cantillon was given in 1987. This name reminds us that, while it belongs to the beer patrimony, the spontaneous fermentation, the ageing in the barrels for several years and the addition of grapes make it a distant cousin of certain white wines.

In spite of its success, the Vigneronne represents less than 5% of the total production of the Cantillon brewery. In order to obtain grapes which are as mature as possible, we buy them at the end of the season. Every year, 1000 kilos of white italian grapes are delivered at the Cantillon brewery in the beginning of October.

(1) Cantillon Cuvee Saint-Gilloise 2015

Lambic - Traditional | 5.5% ABV 

Bottled on: 23 December 2015

Commercial Description:

Two-year-old lambic in which fresh HallertauMittelfrüh hops have been soaked.

A perfect balance is struck between the lambic’s natural acidity and the Hallertau hops’ refined bitterness.

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