Weekly Digest - New Beers - Week of 11/13/17

9.3%-Ale Brewed with parsley, sage, rosemary, & thyme aged in red & white wine barrels. Typical Brettanomyces fermentation characteristics are present in the beer, with some cherry and tropical fruit like flavors and aromatics. Oak notes and tannin add some body and mouthfeel to the beer. Herbal components of the beer are toned down after the extensive barrel aging. Aged 11 months in French Oak, Sonoma County Red & White Wine Barrels
500ML BTL - $20.49
13.5%-Intense coffee flavors abound from both the dark malts and the espresso, while notes of rich caramel-like and vanillin flavors from the bourbon barrel aging adds layers of complexity, a touch of sweetness  and a vibrant dark fruit finish. Aged 7 months in American Oak, Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.
500ML BTL - $16.99
13.5%- This profoundly flavorful beer will overwhelm all but  the most stalwart beer fanatics with its level of intensity. Rich coffee, bitter and milk chocolate flavors abound, while dark charred oak, rich vanilla and caramel from the bourbon barrels synergistically elevate and further enhance the ultra-intense flavors of the original beer. Aged 7 months in American Oak, Kentucky Bourbon Barrels
500ML BTL - $16.99
375ML BTL - $6.49
2PK 750ML BTL - $24.99
5.6%- Belgian Red Ale Brewed with KonaRed Hawaiian Coffee Fruit
12OZ CAN - $2.49
6PK 12OZ CAN - $13.99
16OZ CAN - $4.49
4PK 16OZ CAN - $16.49
12OZ CAN - $2.49
6PK 12OZ CAN - $11.99
12OZ CAN - $2.99
6PK 12OZ CAN - $14.99
12PK 12OZ BTL - $26.99
12OZ BTL - $5.49
4PK 12OZ BTL - $20.49
22OZ BTL - $7.99
Shipping Included! Highly Rated Sours in a Pack of 5 x 500ml! 
5PK 500ML BTL - $79.95
750ML BTL - $27.99
375ML BTL - $13.49
                              375ML BTL - $10.99                            
500ML BTL - $14.99
500ML BTL - $9.99
500ML BTL - $9.99