Thanksgiving Beer Pairing Guide

Thanksgiving can be stressful and while we can’t stop your family from discussing politics we can help you check “get epic beer to pair with Thanksgiving dinner” off your list of things to worry about. We put together a beer bundle that has all the beers you need for an epic feast and is designed to pair perfectly with Thanksgiving favorites. It might not make your house look cleaner or prevent the turkey from burning – but these beers will make the food taste better and give you something special to cherish with your loved ones. Read our beer pairing guide below to find out more on why these beers pair well with Thanksgiving favorites. 


Allagash White Ale

The perfect beer to crack around noon when you need to turn the oven on (consider this your reminder). Sure, the refreshing and bright finish will balance out the creaminess of a green bean casserole and accentuate the subtle sweetness of roasted veggies but even before you get to that point in the evening this beer can be a lifesaver while playing oven Jenga, frantic last minute cleaning, or awkward small-talk while waiting for the turkey to finish cooking.  

Thanksgiving Pro Tip: Handing someone a beer as soon as they walk into your house is the best way to say “I love you” without actually saying I love you.

Ace Cider Blackjack 21 Cider 

Fall is all about apples and while the apple pie might be how apples usually make appearance at a Thanksgiving feast – this limited release, Chardonnay barrel-aged hard cider is how they will make a memorable splash. Fruity flavors backed by a warming and crisp finish of oak will complement a cranberry sauce and roasted fruit dishes. This cider, at 9% abv, is also bold enough to stand up against the meatiness of a roast ham, recreating the classic fall combination of pork and apples in a pairing that will have you coming back for more. 

Thanksgiving Pro Tip: White wine drinkers will love this cider. You have been warned.

Chimay Premiere Red

Chimay Premiere Red just might be the best beer to pair with turkey. Ever. This Belgian classic has an amber body with hints of toffee that compliment a turkey’s roasted flavors. Fruity esters from the beer’s yeast act as a delightfully contrasting element to the gamey flavors in a manner similar to the way cranberry sauce works with turkey. At 7% this Trappist beer will stand up to both rich and sweet dishes around the table while maintaining an elegance that finds a way to compliment almost all foods. 

Thanksgiving Pro Tip: Pull this beer out of the fridge when you start to carve the turkey, as it warms up for a few minutes its aroma and flavors will develop, then serve it in wine glasses to best enjoy.

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout 2019

Treat your friends and family to the highly sought-after barrel-aged stout that changed the world. This beer is dripping with rich notes of chocolate, caramel and vanilla that will compliment any pie. Forgot the pie? No worries – BCBS can stand alone as a dessert or after dinner delight just like a fine port. This beer is famously released every year on Black Friday and the next vintage is right around the corner. Like a superb wine, this beer gets better with age and over the past year this vintage has seen aggressive notes of bitter cocoa develop into more subtle flavors like dark chocolate as it becomes more complex and distinct.  

Thanksgiving Pro Tip: Make sure to check on Black Friday for exclusive access to some of the best beer and spirit releases of the year. You will not be disappointed.

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