Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America Variety Pack, a collaboration with 30 breweries, now in stock

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has done as a good of a job as any large craft brewery in maintaining a strong brand with consistently high quality beer. They also started a cool thing a while back, Beer Camp Across America, that has absolutely blown up! A huge multi-city beer festival series and an awesome variety pack featuring several breweries.


The 2016 collaboration involved thirty breweries on the beers in the pack and 700 in the festival series. Wild. Here is a video of this year’s collab:

The 2016 pack price went up substantially over the original edition from a couple years ago (not our fault!) but we are offering this bad boy up at a killer price that is barely above cost: $24.99!


Variety packs are perfect for your next grill-out / barbecue, boating weekend, summer party, etc. Don’t just grab one. They’ll come in handy over the next month or two.


This year’s pack contains 2 each of the following:


  • Stout of the Union Robust Stout (7.3% ABV) – The ultimate combination of rich and roasty malt flavors from our Southern California friends. [RateBeer 96]


  • Moxee-Moron Imperial Session IPA (7.5% ABV) – A style contradiction honoring the Pacific Northwest’s hop-bomb heritage. [RateBeer 95!]


  • Family Values Imperial Brown Ale (8.5% ABV) – An Imperial Brown Ale that embodies the togetherness of the Midwest and its native flavors, including wild rice, honey and cocoa nibs. [RateBeer 90]


  • Sweet Sunny South Southern Table Beer (4.9% ABV) – An easy-drinking, malt-forward beer with a tangy finish, featuring traditional Southern ingredients like peaches, tea, corn grits and honey. [RateBeer 89 (96 Percentile among Belgian Ale)]


  • Pat-Rye-Ot Revolutionary Pale Ale (5.6% ABV) – A “revolutionary” Pale Ale inspired by the original 13 colonies with a nod to classic beer ingredients like rye and apple. [RateBeer 85]


  • West Latitude Session Rye with Hibiscus (5.5% ABV) – A Session Rye combining a Hawaiian influence of hibiscus with California’s love of hops. [RateBeer 81]