Duck Foot Goofy Regular Hazy IPA, Cellador ++good El Dorado and Cellador Melon Saison


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Cellador Melon Saison



Saison / Farmhouse Ale | 5% ABV

Commercial Description:

Barrel Aged Saison Blend w/Sugar Cube Melons.

Melon Saison is the next in our series of Simple Saison blends re-fermented with fruit varieties that have subtle flavors. This series started under the name Saison du Chuchotements (Saison of Whispers in French). So far we have done Unfruited, Green Pears, Melon (honeydew and cantaloupe), Cherimoya, Asian Pears, and now Sugar Cube Melons. This is one of the very few brands that we blend from a single base beer, which we call Simple Saison. Brewed with Pilsner Malt, Floor Malted Wheat, and Spelt, then fermented and aged in white wine barrels with our house mixed cultures. We usually blend from vintages ranging in age from 4-8 months.

The Sugar Cube Melons come from Weiser Family farms in Tehachapi, Ca. We have a special relationship with this farm. We use their Tehachapi Grain Project Heirloom wheat for our Lambic Inspired beers, and we also used their beautiful Nantes Carrots for The Carrot King. These were some of the best tasting melons we've ever had. Similar in appearance and flavor to cantaloupes, but packed with so much more flavor. We ate ungodly amounts of the fruit when we were processing them.




Cellador ++good El Dorado



American Wild Ale | 6.4% ABV

Commercial Description:

Barrel Aged Wild Ale Dry Hopped w/El Dorado.

To help celebrate our two year anniversary, we've released the fourth blend of the very first beer we released, ++good. Past versions included Mosaic, Citra, and Centennial dry hoppings. This series has been an experiment in aging. All four blends are from the same batch of beer, which was the second batch we ever did. The first three releases were aged in barrels for 3, 5, and 9 months respectively, while this latest release spent a whopping 26 months in oak! Also, at one point in it's life it was racked into fresh wine barrels, which ended up giving it an insane amount of oaky flavors. Surprisingly, the acidity is extremely mellow in this beer. For our first couple batches we overpitched some Saison yeast, so it dried out really quickly, and the bacteria never really had a chance to take over. Since the beer was so old, I decided to double dry hop it with El Dorado, to ensure a healthy and vibrant amount of hop aroma. This beer explodes with aromatic complexity. Juxtaposing a fresh fruity hoppiness with a musty woody aged funk. I think it's the best dry hopped beer we've made so far.

++good El Dorado was packaged from two 300l French Oak red wine puncheons.

(Note: astute observers may notice a bottling date of 06/2017. That is incorrect. Took us a lot longer than we hoped to get around to finishing this beer. It was actually packaged on 09/2018, and dry hopped just a few days before that)




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Duck Foot Goofy Regular



IPA - American | 7.4% ABV (Gluten-free)

Commercial Description:

Goofy Regular Hazy IPA features a goofy amount of Citra, Ekuanot, Amarillo, and Idaho-7 hops. This wave of hops has a lot of juice, but levels itself off with a complex hop aroma of tropical fruit, melon, grapefruit zest, gooseberry, and stone fruit, with notes of pine.

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