Broken Skull Lager launches, CraftShack pre-sale is live

Broken Skull Beer Craftshack

Wrestling legend, Stone Cold Steve Austin, himself, revealed on his social channels earlier this winter that he has been working with California's El Segundo Brewing on a new Broken Skull American Lager to accompany his top-selling Broken Skull IPA.

Unlike his April Fools gag last year that he would release a Broken Skull Hard Seltzer with Bananas, this time, it's the real deal. Austin posted on his official Instagram account on Monday a video clip of American Lager cans rolling around ESBC's canning line. The beer is almost ready. The brewery announced on its social channels last Friday that American Lager is set for an epic launch on -- you guessed it -- 3/16.

Austin will be part of an Instagram Live virtual event at exactly 3:16 PST to take "the inaugural Broken Skull American Lager "Swig of Beer." On March 31, Steve Austin will also host a live event in Fort Worth, Texas, dubbed "Steve Austin's Badass Broken Skull Bash" at Billy Bob's.

According to a 2015 interview with Paste Magazine, the partnership between Austin and ESBC began in the mid-2010s when the WWE Hall of Famer would regularly visit ESBC's tasting room. He clicked well with Brewmaster, Rob Croxall, and after some collboration, the two sides released Broken Skull IPA in the fall of 2015. Fast forward nearly seven years and Austin's second self-named beer is now just days away.


American Lager will roll out to stores in some states later this month but you can lock in your stash with a Broken Skull Pre-Order right now at CraftShack. CraftShack currently serves more than 40 states, including many where the beer won't be available at all. You can also pre-order a mixed 12-pack of Broken Skull IPA and the Lager if you want both beers.

Release timing is tight so no promises but our customers in some Western states might be lucky enough to get the beer on or before the launch date, 3/16, or Saint Patrick's Day. Customers in other states should be rest assured that if they order the beer by mid-March, they will have it in hand well in advance of Wrestlemania Weekend on April 2nd. And that's the bottom line.

Now that's a pairing we can raise a stone cold lager to!