Against the Grain Kentucky Ryed Chiquen Bourbon Barrel Aged Rye Beer, The Hop Concept Citrus & Piney IPA, Almanac Strawberry & Basil



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Against the Grain Kentucky Ryed Chiquen Bourbon Barrel Aged Rye Beer



Specialty Grain | 8.6% ABV

Commercial Description:

Our first barrel aged beer here at Against the Grain is the Kentucky Ryed Chiquen. Named so because: 1. It was made in Kentucky. 2. It has a lot of Rye in it and was aged in rye barrels. and 3. It is not Chicken, and as we all know (or should know) Chiquen refers to anything that is not chicken. Brewed with Maris Otter, rye malt and caramel rye, imparting a spicy, fruity and dry flavor. Then hopped with enough English Nugget and Kent Goldings just to balance and fermented with our house ale yeast. After fermentation we moved the entire batch into the AtG private dining room and into used Redemption Rye barrels from our good friends at Strong’s Spirits. There it aged for 5 weeks until we felt it had picked up the right amount of residual bourbon character and oak flavors. We then transferred it to our serving tank, carbonated it and the end result is on tap now, a balanced drinkable and complex barrel aged beer.





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The Hop Concept Citrus & Piney IPA



IPA - Imperial / Double | 8.5% ABV

Commercial Description:

Bold orange peel and honey aromas with a faint hint of bready malt define this IPA. The citrus and piney are both on full display, with tangerine and grapefruit notes that lead to a crisp spicy finish





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Almanac Strawberry & Basil



Sour - Ale | 6.9% ABV

Commercial Description:

Farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels with strawberries, basil & spices.